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The Museum & You

The Mildred Westervelt Warner Transportation Museum is pleased to offer the greater Tuscaloosa community a variety of docent, intern, and volunteer opportunities. These positions are designed to enhance the patron experience in both a hands-on or administrative setting, both of which can be designed to suit the individual’s interests, skillsets and aspirations.

To apply for a position that receives academic credit, the student must submit an application and a 1-2 page project proposal outlining the following items:

  • Academic institution, advisor, major/minor
  • Outline and objectives of project
  • How the project proposal supports the mission of the Museum
  • Proposed duration of internship
  • Any background or experience to support project
  • Academic requirements to receive credit

            All project proposals and applications for academic credit are due at least 4 weeks prior to the term it will be applied to the student’s credit hours, unless otherwise approved by the Museum. After materials are submitted, the applicants will be invited in for an interview to discuss their proposal.


Volunteers and docents are needed to provide tours to patrons. These volunteers will go through training on Tuscaloosa’s history and become well acquainted with the art, artifacts, stories and legends in the Museum. Applications for volunteers are accepted on a revolving basis, and potential volunteers will be invited to the Museum for an interview. Please fill out the Docent Application and submit in-person to the Museum.

CLICK HERE, to download Docent Application